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Every brand, at least those with a historical background, has?its own hallmarks, those unmistakable signs that create its?DNA, helping people to quickly identify a watch from a certain brand. The dial of the watch and the bezel are also highly characteristic for this model. 3mm thickness – polished stainless steel?– sapphire crystal with antireflective treatment on the front, sapphire case-back – 30m water resistance The energy is given by an extra-strong mainspring. The textured motif pattern, inspired by the famous Girard-Perregaux Bridge, gives the dial an oceanic feel, Hublot replica and the raised minute/hour markers appear to float on the surface. The stainless steel caseback is held in place with eight screws. Keen observers will know that those four initial digits reflect the movement, Cal. And there;s more; the date is indicated by a hand that is on the same axis as the hour and minute hand. Despite these generous proportions, it wears extremely well with its stepped structure extended by thin elegant lugs. The King Seiko 45 series came with a wide array of different cases, design styles, and most importantly standards, from a regular KS to Superior Chronometer rating, and labeled as such on the dial and case back designs. But the luscious contrast of the deep ruthenium dial disc and matte gray titanium is simply wonderful to behold. Which is around the case and it is originality that you want to think about today, because it's very easy to state ?°ceramic?± almost superficially, while its implementation is extremely exclusive as well as describes our prime cost of the watch. The main attraction of this new?BR03-92 Black Camo is of course its dial, Hublot replica using an original military-type tricolor style, with a patchwork of matte greys.